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Welcome to Repton Village Hall, Askew Grove, Repton DE65 6GR.

The full story is available on the development page. We are currently finalising funding and technical work on this.

The hall is still usable and has a fine wooden floor. Unfortunately, the walls and structure are at the end of their life.

It has taken since 1999 to get to the point of being able to go ahead with this. We are grateful to the parish council

and residents of Repton and Milton who have supported the rebuilding project, as shown in the referendum in November 2017. Despite massive local fund raising by our hard working appeals committee,

there is still a shortfall which will be met via an increase on the precept element of our council tax bills.
The appeal closed recently with a music festival and great celebration.


As a chance for people to say goodbye to the old hall, and for us to say 'thank you' to the village, we held two events on SATURDAY NOVEMBER10th:

Afternoon tea to the sound of piano and song from 2.30 - 4.30pm.
Over 50 people enjoyed a variety of tunes and song from the piano as tea and cakes were served in a congenial atmosphere

Agent Utah gave a fantastic rock concert
that got everyone dancing, a great party. It was loud but the windows survived.


We went to tender in October and had the initial results on 9th November, expert analysis of the bids is now taking place.  The foundations will be more complex than anticipated and managing water outflow from the site will be more costly than it would have been in the past, all part of reducing the flood risk for the Trent valley. See LATEST NEWS for more details.
The legal work to underpin our use of public funds is just about ready and should not hold up matters.

The hall closed on November 30th so that demolition can start as soon as everything else is in place. Construction will start in the new year. There will be a predomolition an asbestos survey on 10th December - taking panels off to make sure the former survey was right as asbestos was used widely in the past.

We aim to reopen in Sept 2019.

The date for closure for rebuilding is now set. We are going to close on November 30th.

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