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For enquiries or bookings you can contact the bookings secretary on reptonvillagehall@gmail.com

Please contact the Booking Secretary for a booking form and to check availability and prices.

Elzabet Simm     tel  07919 251 012   

Note that no booking is confirmed until a deposit has been paid. A booking form and information on safe use of the facilities will be sent out. Users are asked to return an acknowledgement form to verify that our information has been read and accepted.

Background information:

Accidents and Insurance

All accidents occurring in the Hall or its curtilage should be recorded. Patrons are requested to use the accident/incident book which is in the kitchen with the first aid kit and inform the bookings secretary as soon as possible using the contact details used for making the booking.

The Village and Community Hall (Insurance) Policy is provided by ANSVAR, Ansvar House, St Leonards Road Eastbourne, BN21 3UR.

Damage and Breakages

All damage and breakages should be notified to the Bookings Secretary.

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