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Main Hall
The main hall measures approximately 13m x 11m, with an all-over ceiling height of over 4m. It has a seating capacity of 110 theatre style, 80 seated at tables, and a standing capacity of 110. For more information see the equipment list.
An excellent floor, ideal for dances, is also marked out with a full-sized badminton court.

A proscenium stage at one end of the main hall measures approximately 5m long x 3.2m deep. It is properly lit and can be used for drama productions, live bands and discos.

Side Rooms / Bar
There are small rooms on either side of the main stage, each with doors to the main hall and, via a short flight of steps, to the stage. To the west, a dressing room measures approximately 4.5m x 3.5m, and there is a similar sized bar cum dressing room to the east. The latter has a large hatch to the main hall. A bar licence must be obtained separately by the hirer from South Derbyshire District Council for the sale of alcohol.

The kitchen has plenty of worktop space and a large hatch into the main hall. Equipment includes a double oven large cooker, plate warmer, small fridge, large tea urn and 2 kettles, sink and separate washhand basin, both with running hot and cold water, plus ample worktop space to cater for large parties. The kitchen is stocked with plates, cups, saucers and cutlery.

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