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Welcome to Repton Village Hall, Askew Grove, Repton DE65 6GR.


On 21st December 2018 we were able to complete the signing of a legal agreement with Repton Parish Council.
Having established that we have sufficient funds available and the contract inplace to deliver the building we are promising, the council has issued us with the grant that completes the funding package.
Repton Parish Council is the first parish council in Derbyshire to raise a public works loan from the government for the purpose of building a hall. It has felt daunting at times and involved running a referendum to ensure that villagers were willing both to support the project in principle and pay for it via the precept element in our council tax for the next 25 years.

It has been a tough call to get the project over the line. We are endebted to Mike Armson for working on the tenders and getting us to an affordable compromise. Building costs have risen a lot during the years of preparatory work and then the site revealed its' hidden problems. The current wooden hall is a kight structure put on what had been agricultural land. All land here sits on the Cheshire gravel plain. The water table is high, the ground is soft and sits on gravel 3 metres down. In addition, we all have to do our bit to control water run off to reduce local and regional flood risks. The upshot was more than £50,000 in unexpected engineering costs. The site will be piled but these will have to be drilled and not hammered.

A contract has been placed with A & S Enterprises of Needwood to demolish and rebuild for £753,100. We are still aimimg to open for 1st September. More..

Carol Lloyd, chair of Repton Parish Council and Gary Steel, parish council member, sign the Memorandum of Agreement to fund the hall with Kyran Farrell and Chris Jerram, trustees of the hall.


The site was fenced off on 10th January and work commenced on removing the utilities. The contractor is going to try to minimise disruption to our neighbours. Many people, workers and visitors to the village rely on our car park for general use and we can only apologise in advance for the disruption.


can still be made, click here

See newly donated souvenir pens made from the old hall's maple floor.

SDDC Community Partnership Scheme has awarded us £25,000 which makes a huge difference to the project.

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