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Work on the redevelopment is progressing, Repton Parish Council has submitted an application to the Derbyshire assocoation of Local Councils for approval. If successful, this is then passed to the Department of Community and Local Government in London for final approval. Only then can the Treasury relase funds for the project to Repton Parish Council. Then the money would be given to  Repton Villaage Hall Management Committee. We have a memorandum of understanding about how we work together thereafter.

The design has been finalised and the appointment of a professional team to run the project has started. This has been started now, whilst it does commit us to expense on fees, as we have the money to do this and are trying to get the project underway before it is too late to commence works in the winter. We have been advised both by other hall builders and those in the indusrty that starting after October 1st just increases the risk of increasing costs by having more weather delays than anticipated. Delaying the project until a spring 2019 start will do nothing to help our declining income and the loss of spending power from the funds available and applied for. On a project of this size, that erosion can be more than £2000 a month, which is staggering, it is all due to inflation in the building indusrty.

If all goes to plan, we hope to start on or before October 1st. There will be a run down period as the hall has to be emptied and users relocated. Loss of income is anticipated and budgeted for. Repton School and the United Reform Church in Pinfold Lane have agrred to help users where they can.

Attempts are now beginning to seek other funding sources as any extra will enable us to complete the project fully, particularly in terms of fitting out the building. It will be tight otherwise we think, but cannot really know this until tenders come back which we hope will be in June. All the technical work has to take place first.

Finally, as this whole saga has been simmering since 1999, a history has compiled to explain how it was decided that the hall had to be replaced. The next question was how to replace it; to recondition with panels, rebuild in phases or all in one go? The public consultation process and media atention is documented. All of this is covered up to the decision point in 2013 that led to the planning application in 2014. The story from 2014 onwards has been about how to raise money for the project which culminated in the referendum in November 2017 and the Parish Council vote in April 2018. Before that vote there was much discussion about views put forward by individuals who reopened the design question and also the hall was assessed by potential refurbishers to try and find a cheaper option. In the end it was felt that it would be too risky to start a several hundreds of thousands of pound repair that may not actually work or, if it did, might only gain us 10 years of use. The history will be put on line when it is finished as we want to continue the culture of complete transparency pursued throught this saga.

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