August 2019 Update

After a period of rapid visible change, it may seem that nothing much is happening but in fact the interior of the building is coming together very nicely. The electrics and plumbing are in and the walls have been plastered. We hope you will like the colour scheme. The wooden floor will probably be fitted by the time this article is published. There has been a last-minute finalisation of what we can afford in terms of exterior landscaping and lighting thanks to a recently arrived section 106 fund from South Derbyshire district Council. Overall, the project has stayed on budget and on time, we are now entering the phase where we can spend on necessary equipment and fittings within limits.

A good number of people have come forward not only to work in the cafe but also to provide the expertise to plan and run it. At the time of writing the name has not yet been decided. There is certainly room for more volunteers if you are interested. Likewise, we have been having meetings with bodies who can advise in the setup and running of youth activity. More volunteers are needed to get this off the ground.

The trustees have decided to put on three events where people can have a look around the hall as soon as it opens:

On Saturday August 31st it will be open between 2pm and 5 pm to visit informally. We will try and open the café for this.

A formal opening will take place on 1st September from 3pm to 5pm. The Burton Concert Band has kindly offered its services to entertain us while the former chairman and booking secretary, namely Peter and Pat court, formally cut the ribbon in the presence of invited guests. There will be free tickets available on a first-come first-served basis. If you would like tickets for this event, please contact Kyran Farrell on 701069 or at

Finally, the Village Show will take place in the hall on Saturday 7th September between 2.30 and 5:30pm, there will be no charge for entry to the show. Visitors will be welcome to have a look around the hall, see the fantastic produce on show and visit the cafe .