January 2019 Update

The site was fenced off on 9th January to allow for work on the disconnection of electricity and gas supplies.

Unfortunately, some of the work requires digging up part of the road in Askew Grove. The gas supply for the new hall will be taken from Brookside Close so Askew Grove should be spared a second visit by the diggers. At the time of writing, the plan is to hand over the site for the beginning of demolition on 21st of January so by the time of publication there may not be much of the old hall left. For information, the experts found a few traces of asbestos bonded in some floor tiles and in one toilet cistern. None of this should present any risk during demolition.

The construction will be done by A and S Enterprises Ltd. Their website has plenty of examples of their work on projects of a similar scale. From 21st January they have total control and responsibility for the site. We are confident that they will do a good job for us and will do their best to minimise disruption with deliveries.

As commented on before, it has taken a lot of patience and perseverance by many people to get the project to this stage. Without the help of the planning department, hard work by the parish council and the patience shown by Bi Design and Armsons, we would not be rebuilding now.

There have been some outstanding examples of generosity recently. Over £1000 has been raised by an eBay campaign to recycle elements from the hall. This was led by Adrienne McStocker. We even managed to sell the old kitchen as a period item. The Gould family have provided a huge amount of free storage for us. The PCC has given us a generous cheque following a fundraising quiz evening and St Wystan’s School have given us a donation from Halloween activities and a fancy dress disco in the hall. Thank you to everyone.

Also, a thank you and congratulations to John Perks for the success in obtaining the SDDC Community Partnership Shceme grant for £25,000. This arrived as the tender process was being finalised and the budget was getting tight. During the construction, we will continue to bid for funds for specific items. At present, we are not sure we can change our tables, chairs and other items and we have trimmed aspirations on landscaping until we see how much we can afford.

The 100 club which is managed by Adrian Argyle is still functioning and there is room for new members if you feel you can support us that way. Please use the email address below.

When we open the new hall, we will equip it as best we can but have to maintain a reserve for emergencies. We are also planning to start a savings fund so that future items such as car park resurfacing, tree work, redecoration and other maintenance will always be affordable.

The trustees and committee will shortly be turning their minds to all the planning and preparation that needs to be done during the closure period so that we can welcome users back in late August or early September. Plans will be outlined in more detail in the months to come.

Finally, we must thank all the committee members past and present who have carried on regardless with this difficult project for many years. There is no way we would have made it without their dedication and perseverance over nearly two decades. The current chair is a mere newcomer to the project. We would also like to acknowledge the three years of hard work by the appeals team who were phenomenally successful.
Kyran Farrell Contact: rvhchair1@gmail.com