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Living with Covid-19

The hall is busy again but with some changes. Bookings are more spaced out and users are helping with keeping the surfaces safe and clean after events. We are very lucky to have an air change system which changes the air every 20 minutes in the main hall. Other areas have powerful extractors. The main hall also has air conditioning now so that everyone can stay both safe and comfortable. In terms of ‘functions’, we are not really a venue for very large gatherings. Simple family celebrations are more our level. There is no specific government guidance at the time of writing but we obviously go with whatever is currently suggested.  In reality , we also find that users are not comfortable with what would have been normal before and practise common sense.

The online timetable is accurate to 31st January 2021 in terms of regular bookings. Beyond that, a slot may seem  free but in reality may not be available. Do ask if you have a request. We will do our best to keep the timetable accurate and looking far enough ahead in time to be useful. More than ever, it is very important that prospective hirers read all the information sent out on booking. A lot of thought has gone into helping hirers to have successful events or classes. Visiting the building and having a tour and discussion before an event helps a lot and reduces stress all round. After all, we are all volunteers!

Sources of guidance used

We have used the guidance provided by Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the GOV.UK Guidance for the safe use of multi purpose community facilities as a blueprint for formulating this plan. This plan will alter as time and circumstances dictate but this is a starting point.  Please note, there may have to be some alterations to booking times in order to ensure the safety of all.

ongoing risk

It has to be accepted that 100% biosecurity can never be guaranteed in any situation, witness the infection of staff in hospitals. However, our collective duty is to consider all risks prospectively and provide a written summary of this. We ask all users to produce a risk assessment for their activity and let RVH have a copy before restarting.

changes we have made

The hiring conditions have been extended to include requirements to cope with returning to normality as the coronavirus is likely to be endemic, ie it is not going to cease to be a problem for a very long time.

Signs to remind all users of the simple things that need to be done are displayed in the various areas of the premises. We all need constant reminding and motivating not to give up being careful. We need to be brave enough to call out risky behaviour when we see it as we are relying on everyone to be careful for the benefit of all. Without this, the restrictions will only make life stressful and deprive the community of the benefit of the activities we have all missed.