Repton Village Hall
Repton Village Hall
Repton Village Hall

At present, we do not have the ability to cope with evening parties, beyond community ones, and so are not accepting bookings for ‘big birthdays’ and weddings. It has proved too difficult to service the hall late at night in order to be ready for use the next morning seven days a week.

We apologise for this and hope this may change in future.

a warm welcome

Welcome to Repton village Hall which was opened in September 2019. This is the second hall on the site and it has a large main hall with a sprung wooden floor, a community cafe and a meeting room. This hall was built after many years of fundraising in the village and with a Public Works loan obtained on our behalf by Repton Parish Council. The Parish Council office opens twice-weekly in the meeting room on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 2 to 5pm.

Living with Covid

At the time of writing, I April 2022, officially there are no restrictions in the UK but the reality is that there is quite a lot of virus circulating in the community and this is likely to happen in the long term. Whilst we may all be reassured by vaccinations, there may be other people around us who have chosen not to be vaccinated, may have not had a vigorous response to vaccination or maybe vulnerable despite vaccination.

We are asking hall users to be considerate of others in terms of personal space, respectful of other people’s decisions to use masks and to continue to clean handles and surfaces as before. Simple measures such as wearing a good quality FFP2  masks, hand washing and cleaning surfaces still remain key. Similarly, continuing to practise sensible ventilation as before remains the right thing to do and will be easier to do as the weather warms up.

We will continue to watch the official guidance from the government and take regard of comments from scientific community as the two are not always in line. Thank you for your cooperation in this, it is about protecting yourselves and also reassuring others so that we can all get life back on track again.

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