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From 20th January 2020 – Monday’s & Thursday’s 5.30 – 6.30pm

First 5 classes free (for a limited time only)
Membership half price £20 (normally £40)
Licence free for first year (normally £47)

Kombatkids has over 1700 students and has gained recognition within the martial arts world of producing European and National Champions. Over the last 27yrs, Kombatkids has produced over 1400 Black Belt students to an excellent standard.

We believe Kombatkids success, is due to the fact we are continually evolving. We are always looking at ways to offer the best teaching practice to our students. Weekly meetings are held with our fantastic team of dedicated and conscientious instructors where current coaching methods are instructed and discussed where any issues, improvements are addressed ensuring our parents or persons with parental responsibility can be assured their children are receiving quality karate tuition in a completely safe and happy environment along with good, clear and regular communication throughout our organisation.

Our whole environment, the ever-improving teaching and learning approach, the inclusion of fundraising for charities and the way we market ourselves makes an exciting and a valuable reason to be part of Kombatkids.

To register text your child’s name to:

t: 07730 899722
e: info@kombatkids.com
w: www.kombatkids.com
f: www.facebook.com/kombatkids